About Us

After completing graduation in the year 2010, I saw that the farmer works hard in the entire field but he does not know how to get the full income of the entire crop. Fruit and vegetable farmers were more affected than this, so chose agricultural entrepreneurship, because it is a challenging task, which motivates us. Freedom to take decisions, increase the income of people by giving them employment. To use our available resources, and to use all the farmer families. To more than double the income of the farmer. In the happiness of farmers, our happiness.

  1. First of all, keeping the cleaned and washed fruits and vegetables in a steel tray and keeping them in the machine
  2. Here the air filter is installed, which cleans the polluted air in the atmosphere and lets it in.
  3. Inside the machine, the temperature is raised or lowered by a prism.
  4. The used air is removed from here

Innovative Component

It is a fruit and vegetable drying machine that takes heat from sunlight and dries the product. It uses a prism to control the temperature, and a cloth made of natural fibers to filter the air.

The Problems

  1. Post Harvest Loss Fruits and Vegetable
  2. Not getting the correct price for the entire product
  3. Day by day decrease in air quality index

The Solution

  1. Zero carbon emission dryer operated  by the sun's heat
  2. Increase your income by drying fruits and vegetables with Zero Carbon Emission Dryer
  3. The product dried in the dryer is clean and pure. protected from polluted air